5K & 8K Races
The race starts on the street in front of, and finishes in the parking lot of, the Medical Arts building directly South of Hills & Dales General Hospital. The course is a moderately-hilly route, consisting primarily of side streets running through the village of Cass City. One small stretch of the course is gravel road.

The course crosses a “major road” (Seeger Street) twice and there are crossing guards at each location. The 5K & 8K courses split at the
second crossing of Seeger Street (Seeger & Bulen). The 5K course heads into the subdivision to the west. The 8K course follows Seeger Street North to Milligan Road. There will be one water station on the 5K route and two water stations for the 8K route.


Note: Distances displayed on maps are slightly longer than the actual courses due to minor discrepancies in the plotting software

5K Course Map


8K Course Map